Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble (TCDE)

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Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble has performed for heads of state, the families and communities who have experienced tragedy, schools not typically exposed to the art of dance, senior living facilities, and many more organizations. TCDE has traveled across the State of Tennessee, the United States, and seven world countries. The Ensemble is renowned for its artistic expression and entertainment value alike, and performs equally well as a lead act or in a supporting role.

For detailed information on booking TCDE, please call the office at 865.584.9636 or email us at tcdedance@gmail.com.

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements can be relatively simple or more complex depending on the venue of the presenter. The following requirements assume an ideal setup with a proscenium stage.


  • A proscenium stage with a smooth wood floor free of splinters.

  • At least 30′ by 30′ from curtain line to last working line.

  • A crossover between cyclorama and back wall or other crossover.

  • Wings free of obstructions and 4 sets of black legs.

  • Ensemble to sole occupant of performance area from load-in to load-out.

  • 3-hour load-in and 3-hour work call followed by a full technical rehearsal prior to the first performance.


  • Lighting plot will be supplied to local presenter.

  • TCDE prefers that presenter supply all lighting equipment.

  • Presenter will supply technical personnel to hang and focus lights.

  • Presenter will supply one electrician with knowledge of performance site.

  • When necessary, TCDE can bring its own side lighting and dance floor (reasonable fee applies).


  • Presenter to provide sound system to accommodate cassette tapes and CD’s.

  • Presenter to supply intercom headset system stations backstage to light and sound.

School Performances

TCDE works with the Arts and Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville to assist students in applying for state appropriated ticket subsidy money. Additionally, the Ensemble has its own Community Cultural and Minority Enrichment Program, which helps TCDE fund performances in rural areas and underwrite ticket costs for students and teachers to attend annual performances in Knoxville. It also funds community outreach activities in cities where TCDE performs.