Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble (TCDE)

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Our Philosophy

The Tennessee Childrens Dance Ensemble continues to prove a child's capacity to match a professional level of artistry. It is the Ensembles mission to provide opportunities for children to excel in dance and to teach children that only through hard work, dedication and a heightened sense of discipline is this excellence possible. The results have been over 30 years of children performing modern dance masterpieces on stage and creating their own masterpieces in life beyond TCDE.

And we will continue…

  • To function as a professional modern dance company, setting a high standard of excellence in dance using artists 8-17 years of age.

  • To assist local and state tourism and chamber of commerce officials in recruiting corporations to locate within our area.

  • To represent the State of Tennessee, the nation, and the world as dancing Ambassadors of Goodwill.To pursue excellence by aggressively marketing itself to family audiences using TCDE's unique young dancers as positive role models for children worldwide.

  • To assure that every child, regardless of financial ability, can participate in and attend Ensemble performances.

  • To do all of the above in a positive atmosphere that empowers children to make meaningful decisions, teaches them to be honorable people, and gives them problem-solving skills that prepares them to be future leaders.

  • To be a resource for educators and the general public by producing performances which raise the expectation of excellence in dance.

Our Inspiration

Of every great artist, it can be said that they saw the world in a uniquely different way. And so it was with the Tennessee Children's Dance Ensemble's founder, Dr. Dorothy Floyd, when, more than three decades ago, she envisioned children achieving artistic excellence equal to adults.

"You are a dancer...a divine light. You must make a difference. It must come from your spirit. If you do not feel love when you dance, no one else will." -- Dr. Dorothy Floyd.